Roadhog Craterhoof Behemoth MTG Alter

Ttying something a bit different with this one. Once I had a layer of grey primer done in acrylics I decided to paint the actual image using Ink’s. It ends up being one of those pieces that work in person but when you present a scanned close up you get to see all the tiny bush strokes and any flaws.

Anyway I really like the way the Ink lets me colour the text boxes, being thinner than typical paint means I don’t have to worry about going around the text as unless I go really dark it will show through.

The downside of the medium is that once you build up a few layers the Ink decides it doesn’t want to mix anymore and will start to clump. If you ant to do any blending do it right on the first few passes is what I’m saying.

roadhog alter


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