Fullmetal Alchemist Custom Playmat

Its been a bit hectic of late and other projects had taken me away from mats for a bit. So, before I start talking about the more recent mats lets get another of the earlier ones I have yet to talk about out of the way.

You can see what I’m going for here, trying to keep the style similar to that of the animation, the fact that its not as bright as digital animation would be works out quite well since the scene is meant to be more sombre and overcast. I had wanted to get the outline of a city in the background but the fact that they are at the top of a hill and the perspective would have looked weird in the end made me decide against it.

Still if I was doing the mat now I would definitely push the shadows more, possibly even to the extent of having shadows from the trees canopy fall on the characters. I would still probably leave the rain out though, the amount you would need to make it look right would most likely make the design far to busy, although it might have been nice to try and make the characters look slightly damp or have water running down the case or something.

On the subject of the sky there was rather a great deal of grey that went into the production of this design, to the point where having just bought a new set of grey colours I managed to use them almost all up, playmat’s are surprisingly large spaces and take a considerable amount of colour to cover. You could use less of course and have white areas showing but then the mat tends to get dirtier faster.

Most of the time I will add black lines around the elements of the image partly because it makes the whole thing pop and partly because the colours don’t tend to hold hard lines by themselves. Sometimes this isn’t appropriate though and what an image really wants is no outlines or ones in a different colour the final pieces that use this style always seem to me to give off a different atmosphere to the other mats I have done.

Next time, who knows, perhaps I will talk a bit about making custom tokens, everyone on the internet likes cats right?


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