Disgaea Raspberyl Playmat

The specs for this particular mat as you have probably already gessoed were a pink theme + Raspberyl and her crew. And oh boy is it pink I mean I guess it could be more pink but not by much.
As for the background, after having done quite a few mats of the same style I felt like mixing things up a bit and trying something I haven’t really done before. I like to think they are standing in some photo booth in a demon world shopping mall somewhere, at least thats why the diamond checker background, also pink, is at that jaunty angle anyway. 
Originally I had planned to have the scrollwork overlap the characters but by the time I got to that part it was obvious that was both unnecessary and wouldn’t have come up very clearly anyway, I’ve been using these materials for some time now and you get a sense for how things are going to look.
That said evenI was surprised by some of the depth the colours of their hair came out. I did build up quite a few layers while trying to get to the shades I wanted but still.

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