Dark Magician Girl Playmat

Another look through the archives, this time where I find a mat that I didn’t think I had any images of as its one of the few I forgot to scan in before handing over the final piece. Which explains the weird angle and why after some slight editing it looks a bit like its being shown on a large TV,  an interesting look if nothing else.
The other interesting story about this mat is that I also lost the original sketch which would have been fine if it had been after finishing the mat but as it was before it meant having to start over, something of a accident prone production process then though the end result probably benefited, giving me a chance, as it was, to improve  details and adjust the pose slightly.
Large areas of white space and a quite basic background denote another mat from my early collection, the major difference here being that the person who wanted it asked for his name on the mat, which if you were wondering explains the blur. The logo as a whole is probably my favourite part, being the sucker for a good logo that i am, combining a simplified version of the Yugioh logo with the silhouette of the dark magician girl and the persons name in a suitably Yugioh like font, the colours used matching those used in the character to pull the two together.
Probably the most tricky part of the character itself was the wink which is also the reason it turned out to be quite useful having to redo the line-work, the original having a tendency to look odd at some angles.
Something I hadn’t considered at the time while working on it but that was pointed out to me afterwards was that I could be sure the mat probably wouldn’t wander the would much, theres only so many people who are going to want a mat with someone else’s name on.

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