Stun City Playmat

We take a look back in time today, once again to one of the earlier mats I worked on, in this case Yugioh Hero’s vs Stun creatures.
You can tell its one of my earlier designs because of how much white space is left and, looking back on it now, the alarming lack of proper lighting.
Not to say there isn’t shading but colour to white doesn’t really seem all that interesting to me now and feels a bit basic. On the other hand I guess the upside is it does make it quite easy to upgrade this mat, it would get much darker but it might be an interesting change. It’s something I haven’t really mentioned before but in a number of the mats I have done I like to leave some chance for future upgrades, the Inzektor  mat is an obvious one because of the empty cells, same with the Bleach and Kung fu Panda mats though again any additions would have to be darker than the current background colour but it is possible.
Still even if the clouds are a bit jarring, I would probably do them dark now, I still like the overall composition I like that theres so much going on and it feels like an actual fight sequence, it can be quite difficult to get movement to look right sometimes. it does makes me wonder what happens next, does Captain Gold smash into Doom Caliber Knight or does the shield bat him away, Thunder King’s clearly having a bad day being punched in the face like that whatever happens though.
I used to draw buildings quite a bit in ye olden days so its quite nice being able to occasionally drop a load of them in the background of one of these mats when the subject is right, I’ve even got one mat design laying around thats just all city but that will have to wait until I figure out how create something more along the lines of a water colour effect.
As per usual the horse proved problematic at first, my own fault for choosing odd angle for them I suppose, like hands they are something I’m getting better at, luckily unlike hands they don’t get asked for as often.
These older mats always make me wonder where they ended up.
Next week more orange? or perhaps something a bit different?

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