Boba Fet Game-Mat

I mentioned last time that a number of mats of late have tended towards the orange and this is where it started.
After completing the first Star Wars mat I got asked if I could do something similar, except they only wanted Boba Fet on it. Initially I couldn’t help thinking three Fets on one mat was a little overkill but with some discussion and a number of sketches we manage to figure out this three panel layout, all I had to do next was figure out what to do with the two side panels
Ok, so the one on the left is not exactly historically accurate but the cool factor always trumps historical accuracy (it is written by the victors after all) and I guess thats what the expanded universe is for.  I would have quite liked to add more atmospheric effects but theres generally not much cloud cover on this particular desert planet.
We make up for it though on the right side where I get to go to town, well drawing a town. I do like drawing buildings and such like though I may have over done the level of detail, but then I wanted to try and tell a story with Fet overlooking the parked Falcon and its occupants heading into the city proper, even if they are stick figures at that size.
As it was the middle section appeared fully formed as the first piece of the puzzle before I had even thought about the other two images, having spent so much time looking at references for the first mat I could get most of the outline done from memory which was helpful as it meant I could start the design on the spot and the person who wanted the design could supply feedback.
I seem to have had to draw quite a lot of guns lately as well, hands are tricky things but with the amount I have had to draw lately I have definitely been improving, something I will probably talk about when we get to the Walking Dead mat.

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