Seachrome Coast – Tempered Steel Deck Alters

Finally we come to the last card in this altered deck and also one of the last in line to be done, not only that but it involves colour matching both yellow and purple fun times.
As it turned out the purples weren’t as odd this time as they have been known to be and with a bit of overlaying the existing art they blend quite well, it did take me some time to settle on the proper placement of the hexagons though; with a mix of scales, perspective, and curved terrain it was definitely an interesting job.
The only thing that bugs be about the finished piece is that an optical effect involving the clouds and the reflection of the moon can sometimes make the right edge not look quite right, like the border linking the top text box to the bottom one is still there even though it isn’t.
That said its still one of my favourites and I am glad I left it until last who knows what it would have looked like if I had done it when I stared the project, a fitting end point for a project that involved 38 cards, 2 weeks, and a gradually increasing suspicion that the person who asked to have it done may have set me up – its a lot more work extending an entire deck that you initially think 🙂
Still thats not going to stop me form doing it again if anyone askes, its a whole diffrent ball game working with a theme on an entire deck as a posed to altering individual cards, and I woulndt want to miss the challenge or adventure along the way.

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