Naruto Game-Mat

I once overheard someone saying that thy thought this mat looked like a proper anime mat, the fact that at least initially one of my pieces can do that to someone is incredibly heartening as pens don’t generally replicate something generated digitally very easily especial on fabric.
Probably one of the few mats I have done where i have been comfortable leaving so much white space in a design as generally i like to fill the whole page with colour but the design and the art style really demanded it and it makes a nice change of pace.
Naruto’s hand in the bottom left was also quite difficult to get right, hands are not easy at the best of times so it took me quite some time to come up with a position that looked right.
So I have done Naruto, Bleach, and Reaborn mats, about the only big Shonen anime I haven’t done yet is Dragonball, although I would quite like to do a Buso Renkin mat at some point.

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