Lava Golem Game-Mat

This is the first mat I’ve done directly without some sort of 1:1 design, sure iI had a small scale sketch but putting pencil to fabric without a guide was briefly concerning. Once you get going though things tend to fall into place as long as you keep things in scale – finding the centre and working from there can help quite a bit.
I’m very aware that the final M can be misinterpreted as a N because of the design, usually I try to make sure my designs have as much comprehension as possible, its why the stormtrooper in the Star Wars mat is white rather than green. In this instance I felt the fact that the letter was melting was worth the increase in error rate plus it can serve as a way of starting a conversation “Team MFN who are they?” “its MFM actually”
I wasn’t really keen on the character in the cage of the original image so that got changed up a bit, the original image is also a tad darker but the way the lava was turning out on this version I decided going that dark wasn’t really necessary. My favourite parts are probably the metal effect on the text and the lava streams mainly just because of the effects they employ and how they turned out.
Despite the short deadline I managed to get this mat done in time for it to be used at nationals here in the UK and it went on to feature in a number of the final matches, its always nice getting to see your work out wild in the world.

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