Araby Ogres

The other day we looked essentially at where my conversions started. Today we see some models that are a lot more recent in the form of a squad of ogre bulls.
As my ogre army is desert themed they needed appropriate attire, being bulls they only get the most basic of clothing so hats and a few hides or shirts. It’s always fun converting these guys up, trying to find new variations on what is a pretty standard hat style, or creating some other peice of clothing. The ogres size allows for much more variation than most other armies troops.
To create the standard hats you take a round flat piece of Greenstuff and place it on top of an ogres head then you make a long roll of Greenstuff and begin to wrap it around and in the case of the guy to the left under their heads. Hide coverings are simply just large flat panels of greenstuff overlaid and curved over each other and then marked as needed.
Though I tend to prefer greystuff to greenstuff it seems to have a more organic texture when dry.

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