Quick Conversions – Old School

As a new edition of the game imminently desendes on us I thought I would take a look back at some of the very earlierst conversions I created. These were done around the time of second edition  so therefore are only representative of what a very young me was capable of.
So what do you do when as a kid you start a new hobby and only have the starter set and a tank (in this instance not even one that is part of the same army) and could really do with some heavy weapon guys?
Well as this picture shows you butcher a pair of clip together marines giving one a heavy flamer and tank from a leman russ and strap a hunter killer missile launcher to the head of the other guy. The chaos marine in the picture got a new arm purely by chance I bought a metal chaos space marine terminator one day and he came with 3 arms which even for chaos seemed a bit odd but hey new arm for someone else!
Dante here lost his axe, which as a chapter master was probably a little embarrassing so as a punishment he also ended up loosing his legs. As a first attempt with grenstuff it was a little undefined but everyone has to start somewhere. How he steers or why he is still wearing his jetpack (that makes it a jetbike right?) are anybody’s guess.
2nd ed vortex grenades are still the best weapons in the game though.

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