infernity Infect Game-Mat

When one person asks if you can do an image for someone else, say for a birthday, it then becomes an amusing game to try and find out what that person would like without tipping them off, as you can see from this mat what that person was into at that time was infect cards from MTG and infernity from Yugioh.
The first job on this mat was posing Glissa as I wasn’t really a fan of one of her arts and didn’t feel the sitting pose was all that interesting from the other. That done it was time compose the full image and once again I have gone with the trusty spirals, I’m even noticing an even larger vortex now that I look back at it that I didn’t see before. The scales of each character really dictated their placement, Blightsteel is huge so unless he wanted to only partially be in the image he was going to have to stand at the back.
The blending on Glissa’s armour is also one of the first times I was tempted to be a bit loser with the colours than the typical cel shaded look, I have come quite a long way from there to the mat I have just finished with doesn’t use fine-liners, not that theres anything wrong with them but it was something I had been meaning to try for some time, but more on that another time.

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