Quick Conversions – Tau Hazard VF1 head and Magnets

I havent shown many conversions of late so lets rectify that with a look at a simple conversion I did to my Tau Hazard suit that will act as the team leader.
Firstly we have the head which has had the crest removed and antenna from other Tau models mounted on the sides in an attempt to give it a similar profile to that of the head of one of the Veritechs from Robotech/Macross. a straightforward conversion whos only real issue is that the antenna in question only face one way so if you want the finished result to look more polished you will have to cut and turn one of them around.
The other main element was magnetising the burst cannons, again a relatively straightforward procedure (best to wear a mask when dealing with resin) in this case made more tricky through the lack of a drill bit that matched the size of the magnet. Obviously having gone though this procedure on 2 other suits as well Forgeworld decided that the other weapon options would come fused to the arm elements, sneaky. Still between the magnets and the metal rod pinning the heads in place it did make the suits much easier to paint, and I can always use the weapons on my crisis suits and one of my tanks which are also magnetised.

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