Inzektor Custom Playmat

The latest mat that I have completed brought with it a host of new ideas and challenges primarily among them was not actually talking to the person who wanted it which was slightly odd as i am used to being able to gage peoples reactions and get feedback from them.
This mat is also quite deceptive theres quite a bit going on that your meant to discover over time mostly this comes through in the background where the most obvious example would be the hex pattern playing on the idea of a hive but it goes all the way down to the pose the characters are doing. The characters themselves are quite interesting in that their designs are clearly influenced by super hero shows like Karmen Rider which makes me think Konami wanted to make something with a similar feel to E Hero’s, just with more internal synergy.
Something I didn’t really pay much attention to at the time but the green backgrounds for the equipments were clearly influenced by the cards border colour, not doing the traps on purple was clearly either a missed opportunity or me deciding I didn’t want the background to merge to much with the characters, most likely the latter.
The other major thing different about this mat is that during it’s production I took pictures of it developing so heres a video created using those images.
Though I could do with some way to suspend my camera/phone above the mats so it stays in the same place đŸ™‚

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