Reborn Game-Mat

This holds the record for the mat that took the longest to do at somewhere in the range of 80 hours. to be fair most of that was research as apposed to production time as initial going into the design I had very little idea of what the person who wanted the mat was after. I find its very important to be able to figure out what it is the person your making things for actually wants there is often that unexplainable something that if you don’t find you can tell they arnt as enthused as if you hit the target that falls closest to their expectations or aspirations. On the other hand sometimes people don’t know what they want and its your job to find it for them.
203 episodes later I had a better Idea of what they were after and an appreciation of what each characters personalities were like (as well as finding out that the show is generally very good although I prefer the stuff pre future arc and it could do with a Dragonball kai style recut to get rid of all the recaps) the next challenge was fitting everyone onto the mat at a decent size.
Something you might notice is that theres a slight shift in placement near the bottom middle this is from the scanning process after the mat is complete and doesn’t exist on the original trying to scan a piece of material thats slightly bigger than 2 sheets of A4 wide in an A4 scanner is a tad problematic and requires some trial and error along with some slight image adjustment when the slices are put back together.

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