Bleach Game-Mat

I got the impression that the person I did this mat for would quite like to see it on the site so here goes.
While the Star Wars mat took black ink to the extreme my current trend of trying to make the mats a bit more bold really started with this project. Here I am still a bit tentative with the use of the black preferring to let the greys do most of the heavy lifting shading wise on the clothes, mainly because the black was the first colour i laid down and wasn’t sure at the time how dark the rest of the image would end up, and I really wanted the characters to pop.
Which is how the background came about, going for fresh vibrant colours in large solid blocks was an attempt to replicate the cool contemporary stylings of the series first intro. Whenever i see the mat in person the bright green always makes me smile, theres just something about the way it looks that makes me think ‘good choice’ when i think back to how originally those sections were going to be yellow,.
Compositionally like many of my pieces theres a major spiral theme going on, I just like vortexes it seems.

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