MTG Alters Sorin & Sacred Foundry

The second more up to date project I will be looking at today is a pair of MTG alters.
The sacred Foundry actually went quite a bit more smoothly than I had anticipated as orange and yellow tend to be a pain to work with especially when it comes to colour matching. Sorin on the other hand was quite a different beast. Having not worked on a Planeswalker before i was a little hesitant at first this quickly faded as i worked on the card. Of more interest was the fact that i began altering without looking at a larger version of the original image.
This led to some interesting assumptions on my part the biggest of which leading to me adding a river to the bottom right of the image, theres also a second volcano in the original art that seems to have been cropped from the cards art. Finally finding a version of the original made the whole composition make more sense and i added all the trees that had been missing from the left hand side including the very large one that I had assumed was just some sort of billowy cloth. on the right i added a forest as i felt the mountain looked a bit on the bear side. Was my original version any less right than what i ended up with? probably not but i am glad I did add the trees to the left the autumn colours and the shapes add quite a bit to the image, the rivers still theres though meandering its way behind the trees.

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