Mystical Space Typhoon Alters

Play set of Mystical Space Typhoons I was have been asked to extend. They are almost done they will be left to dry for a bit now before I do the finishing touches. The most important thing for the person who asked for them was that they colour matched the image, luckily the blue is quite easy to make, as opposed to some purples I have had to deal with in the past.
Using the new Games Workshop Black on this project I like the way it needs minimal thinning to get a nice smooth result, this does mean you will need several layers, but thats generally a good thing when altering cards.
Also tempted to use washes to add a bit more colour variation, it is space after all, some red and green might  just be whats needed to make them pop.

2 thoughts on “Mystical Space Typhoon Alters

  1. Its mostly down to your tournament organiser, its always best to check with the place your planing to play what their policy on alter is before using them. That said they are original MST's just with the art extended uing paint.


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