Tempered Steel Deck Alter

A short time ago I was asked if I could alter someones entire deck, well 40 cards from It anyway (everything except basic lands), I have always intended to have a go at this but didn’t expect it to be for someone else as the first attempt.
It was an interesting experiment thats for sure and I am glad I got the opportunity to do it because now I have a much better idea of how long it takes to extend the art on an entire deck! The whole process became something of a production line with play-sets and cards that share similar colour pallets being worked on in groups.
I intend to gradually post the contents of the deck, maybe talk a little about each card, and at some point hopefully get to show the process of adding to the deck with any new alters that will be required as the decks owner adds new cards in. Maybe at some point he will want all the land extended as well 🙂
Tempered steel itself is quite strait forward as the boarders are relatively abstract, the hardest part being matching the green gradient background

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