Ogre Broadside Leadbelchers

The races in Warhammer fantasy never really held much appeal for me compared to 40K, sure there were elements of certain armies that I quite liked but never enough to start the game.
Escalation leagues are excellent ways of getting into new games so when we started one for Fantasy I was stuck for a battalion to choose for quite some time. In the end I went for Ogres mainly because they seemed to be the easiest race in Fantasy to convert.
One thing about the Ogres is that you can never have enough leadbelchers  and drawing on inspiration from my Tau army and parts from a Dwarf cannon kit these guys were born.
Relatively straightforward conversion aside from the arms which don’t tend to have that much in the way of range in the standard kits. I also tend to extend the stomachs of my more important characters, standard bulls are a little on the thin side.

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