Blackwing GameMat

The most problematic thing about playmats is their size, at just over 2 sheets of A4 in width it makes it somewhat difficult to scan them. Usually I edit out the overlaps as best as possible but thought it would be interesting to mention them in this instance.

Also of interest is the fact that you can go a very long time with Yugioh cards without actually noticing all the details things like Honest being male and more relevant to this example the fact that a number of the BlackWings are guys in bird costumes.

As happens so often the design on the mat reflects the favourite monsters at that time of the person that asked for it to be done, which explains the Marshmelon, as it turned out he proved to be a quite good way of breaking the background up into four main segments.

The main element of the mat was the Black Rose Dragon and it was also the part that took the most design time, for quite some time I couldn’t get the head to look quite as dragon like as I would have liked and it took a number of major redraws before i settled on the final version. I do like the way the final piece came out though especially the shading around the petals.


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