Daedalus Pattern Stormraven Conversion

So I have used a few pics of this model already on this blog but heres a full shot of it. The mark I was large, very, very large, if you lined up the number of marines that are meant to fit inside it in 2 rows then stuck a rhino behind them you kinda get the idea. It was also scratch-built from card with a sprinkling of Rhino and other components so when the person i constructed it for asked for a second one we decided it should be a tiny bit smaller.


The mark II followed the mark I’s general shape but was constructed out of a Valkyrie and Rhino which cut down most of the mass and some of the length while increasing the level of detail, while it doesn’t feature sponsons like the original there are numerous hard-points across the model from which turrets can be mounted. I went on to construct one more version of this model the mark III included more refinements including in my opinion better looking side doors a underslung turret mount and improved front end all three version feature dreadnought mounts that can hold most plastic dreads without magnets or modification the the dreadnoughts themselves, the mark 1 and 3 can even carry the old space crusade large dread.

Obviously GW eventually went on to release an official version and I was a little worried they would still be a bit to long but as it turns out II and III are about right, it also amuses me that if you were to have the lower hull not extend that far out (have the front door bellow the front of the rhino hull) they would look very much like the real thing just a bit small.

Why Daedalus? It’s all to do with the shape of the front end which is a nod to a certain classic cartoon, I figured if this thing could be used in space why wouldn’t you want to crash it through the side of someone’s hull? I added the marine mainly because of the occupation of the person I built them for.


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