MTG Alters Ninja Crows

Ok so squadron hawk isn’t in standard right now but I figured if Bad Bird was going to be any card he would appreciated being the one that dominated a format plus they get to carry swords which solves the age old question about how the squadron hawk normally manages that feat. The playset also loosely plays out into a bigger image (although naturally not in the right order here – no one said ninja crows were organised!). Like the cats, the birds backgrounds feature metallic paint, in this case in the form of the trees and their leaves. For a more standard set of villains continue reading.

This time we find a group of glint hawk crows lead by Jerry, less swords more buildings to perch on, although thats probably not much of a consolation prize.

It was quite interesting looking for cards to become these characters. In my case I decided that as the Sanctuary cat’s were white the rest of the alters would fall into that colour making it possible to fill a deck with them but the crows could have easily been black cats for example to play up their ninja-ness. It turned out to be quite an interesting project and there are definitely plenty of other characters from the series that could get turned into cards, Big Cheese for example probably deserves his own card.
As soon as someone finds the script we might begin the show

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