Gamemat Alien

This was one of the earliest playmats I produced and like many of those early pieces It was something of a learning experience. At this point in time after coming up with a design I was still drawing each part of the image out on its own piece of paper and then combining them into the final image while this is ok when i later started using much larger single pieces of paper it allowed for much more dynamic and consistent images.

The person who asked for this design wanted something with the alien creatures from Yugioh, in fact the design process involved him laying the cards on the blank mat where he wanted them to be which isn’t really a process I’ve used since but still think is probably a good way for people who don’t really know much about design to explain what they after.

Team MFM are a crew of CCG/TCG/Gamers players from the south west of the UK whose base of operations is the shop Mad For Miniatures. Having something that identifies them when they go away to be tournaments is always popular.


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