MTG Samurai Pizza Cats Alters

With the release of the dark ascension MTG set came a pair of cat type monsters  one of those being sanctuary cat, ever since every time i saw one i couldn’t help thinking of the cartoon Samurai Pizza Cats. More importantly the theme tune got stuck in my head in an attempt to extract it there was only one thing to do, depict our feline heros on cardboard!
The most challenging thing about Speedy was painting white, in the end I settled on a warm brown shading rather than trying to maintain a typical cartoon cel shaded look as I wanted something a little less harsh edged
I wasn’t initially sure the dimensions of the card would allow for it so it was a pleasant surprise when I found I had enough room left on the card for Guido’s trademark umbrella although getting the angle right took a number of attempts. The backgrounds take elements from the standard group shot from the cartoon although Guido’s is more inspired by ninja imagery and Francine’s was just me wanting to make a pizza reference, they also feature metallic paint which admittedly doesn’t show up particularly well on the internet but does provide quite a nice effect in person. Francine joins the team to take them up to a full play-set.
So we have out heros, but what good is a crime fighting team without some villains to defeat, next time we will look at some nasty ninja crows.

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